jkdicon600The Jeet Kune Do Podcast is produced by the Garcia Gung Fu Institute based out of East Harlem, New York City. This is the only podcast dedicated to discussing everything JKD, the philosophies and teachings of Bruce Lee and living the martial way.

Starting January 28th 2014 and every other Tuesday there after you can tune into co-hosts Sifu Richard Garcia and Shawn Garcia, along with a bunch of guest from the JKD community as they discuss their perspectives on JKD.

sifurichardprofileSifu Richard Garcia

Richard Garcia is a Jeet Kune Do teacher, and has trained in the art for many years from some of the top original Bruce Lee students in the world, spanning all the era’s of JKD development including: (The Seattle era, the Oakland era, the L.A. Original Chinatown branch and the L.A. Concepts branch), giving Mr. Garcia a broad view what Lee taught during his life-time as well as the development of Jeet Kune Do after his passing.

In 2010 Mr. Garcia formed The Garcia Gung Fu Institute as a new direction from his old school Ultimate Karate USA which he founded in 2003, where he would focus on teaching JKD exclusively concentrating not only on fighting but expanding the spiritual and mental aspects thus helping students develop “self actualization” through Zen Philosophy where JKD is the vehicle for personal growth.

Now in its second location in Spanish Harlem New York City, Garcia Gung Fu is quickly becoming one of the most renown Jeet Kune Do gym’s in the country.

Mr. Garcia is dedicated to teaching the art the way it was meant to be “non-politically, and non-classically”, and without commercial prostitution.


shawnprofileShawn Garcia

Co-Host & Producer
Shawn is a martial artist and health and fitness professional based out of New York. He is also a fitness blogger and produces a few podcast. Additionally Shawn is the Executive Director of Revolutionary Fitness, a non-profit new york based organization, providing donation based health and fitness services and education in under served communities.

Shawn has trained in many different arts throughout the years and now trains in Sifu Garcia’s JKD system. He is a historian of martial arts and is always looking for new avenues to share these arts and philosophies with others.

jennyheadshotJenny Deida
Production Asst
Jenny works on the shownotes for our podcast, so if you find them helpful thank her.
osirisOsiris Flores
Osiris works on getting sources for info mentioned in our show to share with you.

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